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Here's a collection of online projects I've been up to.
I really like quotations, my favorites are by Woody Allen, Oscar Wilde and Ambrose Bierce. I've always been keeping them in various files all over the place, untill I created this little page containing them all. There's a little script behind it that makes updating it really easy (for me). Check it out: Baable.
The same as Baable, but then for poetry. There's not a lot of poems there yet, as I've just begun collecting them there. There are some nice thoughts there already though... Poetree.
Years ago, for a website long forgotten, I wanted a simple polling script. At that time, I couln't find a simple and working script online, so I programmed it myself. Took me about 3 hours I think. I got some good reactions on it, so I figured I might as well make it available as freeware. What I learned from this, is that if some script works for you, making it work for everybody is at least 10 times more work. It's still available, and still going strong. Over the years, there have been more than 37.000 downloads. Pretty cool for a couple of hours work, right? Check it out here: The Amazing Littlepoll.
typewriter simulation
When in a movie, someone is typing really serious literature, it is always on a typewriter. Somehow the experience of real hammered letters into a white sheet of paper conveys the seriousness even better. Also, a typewriter forces you to be error-free, there's no backspace. I have a plan to create a beautiful typewriter emulator on the Mac, fullscreen, with sounds - it is going to be great. For now, this is what I've come up with so far (don't laugh). Give it a try, it's fun. Typewriter simulator.
cd cover creator
Wow, I forgot I ever made this. It's a little gem though. If you ever have to make a cd insert (for a jewel box), look no further: CD insert creator.
speed reading on the computer
I had a course in speedreading a while back, and I wondered if it would also work on a computer screen. It doesn't really. So I wondered: what if, instead of your eyes moving really fast over the text, I would make the text move really fast over the screen? Well, that's basically what Derrick does, my little (Windows) speedreading application. There's room for improvement (lots) but it actually does work. Derrick Speedreading.
sneaky MSN
A while back I was wondering how the Microsoft messenger protocol works, and whether it would be really difficult to write my own messenger clone. Well, it turned out it is not so difficult. I never got round to creating a real messenger clone (I probably realized it would be an utter waste of time), but I did create a little Java program which can see who of your contacts has you on their contact list, and who has you blocked. It's really simple, and aMSN can do the same thing, but still. I Was The First. I think. SneakyMSN.